All prices are subject to change without notice Inshallah I will continue to add more pictures in the near future

All niqabs are available in the color of the jilbabs and abiyas inshallah.I have in stock black, navy blue, HUNTER GREEN, CHOCOLATE BROWN but if you desire another color just let me know Inshallah
You may add a satin border or lace for an additional fee.If you are interested in any of this please contact me for prices.


Chocolate brown is now available !!!!!!!!!

Price for brown is $ 30 for this niqab.

(no jilbab or abiya is available in this color and no satin border unless you want black which matches very well )

4 layer long rounded niqab.Top 2 parts are rounded and the bottom 2 are squared (photo toward bottom of page). Stays beautifully on with the abiya and even with the jilbab. Top layers measure about 30"long and 35" wide and the bottom layers measure about 18" wide and 25" long.
All four layers can be made from the light weight georgette  $ 22
or if you  prefer the bottom layer against the face can be made of cotton. $ 25


Niqab with the 2 top layers thrown back looks nice like a hijab.
Beautiful and a first of its kind.

Originated here at TVB !!

2 or 3 layer niqab

Chocolate brown is available for this size niqab 2 or 4 layers

2 layered brown is $ 13

4  layered brown is $ 18

(note all chocolate brown is a little more due to cost of fabric)

any other colors prices are

2 layered georgette niqab for  $ 8
3 layered georgette niqab for  $ 9
if you prefer cotton underlayer add $ 3 from each niqab.
w/lace or satin add $ 2

4 layer niqab

chocolate brown now available 4 layeres is  $ 18 (brown only)

This straight edged niqab is 4 layers.Has 2 layers on the top and an opening for the eyes.It has a soft cotton underline.The top 3 layers are made of light weight georgette and the bottom layer is made from soft cotton.Very breathable mashallah.It is a tie back niqab. It measures about 20" long and 16" wide $ 13

If you prefer that the niqab has no cotton underneath then it will be  $ 10

For an all cotton 3 layer niqab  $ 6

For a decorated edge niqab as shown in the next picture is an extra for this size niqab  $ 4

Long Niqab Bottom layers
This is the 2 bottom layers for the niqab pictured above. When 1 of the top layers or both are put back it looks like a hijab in the back.
Satin border available for the top 2 layer or all 4 layers for an extra fee.
This is a different view of the long niqab.

Pretty design enhances the niqab look yet isn't flashy Looks so nice in person. Can ask for the borders of all layers and the top or just borders.( $ 4 extra to add designs to each 20x16 niqab and  $ 6 for the bigger niqabs)