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Inshallah we will be adding products and pictures and specials at different times so please be sure and check back with us often Barakallahu fik!!!

We will be adding pictures soon Inshallah

More items  for the extra page  coming soon

Inshallah We are always have sales going on mashallah so come back and visit often!!

Girls complete set of jilbab,hijab and niqab coming soon.

We will have little boy thobes from Saudi after Hajj 2006 Inshallah

We are adding henna stencils soon inshallah.They have come directly from Saudi Arabia and are beautiful mashallah.

We will be having girls hijab and skirt sets,prayer sets,and hijab and niqab sets all on the specials page so Look for those low prices.

Here at The Veiled Beauty we are coming up with new designs and creations for the muslimah please check back soon for updates . Inshallah you will be please with these new designs !!

 If there is something you want to see here please let me know. We are always looking for great ideas and great items to bring to the ummah.

As always we have wonderfully low unbeatable prices so you will want to keep coming back inshallah !!!